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My work with Michael changed my life. I am pain free and "back in the saddle" professionally. I am stronger, feel much younger, my confidence is back, my relationships at home and work are stronger

Don Olson, City Special Projects Manager, City of Santa Barbara



Our sales tripled immediately after Dr. Michael consulted with my team on posture and body language. Customer interaction and confidence has improved immensely, as well as their ability to close sales. Average sales have increased by 70%. As a manager, I use my posture to literally “show who is the boss” in order to gain more employee compliance. Dr. Michael is very professional, made it a fun experience, and gave us effective tools to improve performance.
- Rose Gin, Sales & Operations Manager, Jewels at Hale Koa

Thanks to Dr. Michael’s coaching, our employees have learned how simple changes in posture can change the way we feel, as well as the way we are perceived by those around us. His techniques have helped our massage therapists and estheticians learn to use their bodies correctly to avoid daily aches and pains, as well as preventing long term injury. Our management and reception team also benefited greatly from his body language advice—we are now able to use our bodies as tools to communicate with each other, and also clients. Our short session with Dr. Michael will certainly have lifelong benefits!
- Michelle Ridd, Assistant Manager, Avia Spa

Dr. Michael’s presentation on Back Care was entertaining, informative, and uplifting. He provided valuable information in a manner that all of our diverse staff could clearly understand and integrate. Dr. Michael demonstrated simple exercises that lead to dramatic improvements in quality of life, and motivated us to follow through. Comments from staff include: “That was the best presentation we have ever had”, “Please have him come back for more”, and “I really learned something”.
- Carol Whitehurst, RN, MN, Director of Education, Casa Dorinda