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Our sales tripled immediately after Dr. Michael consulted with my team on posture and body language.

Rose Gin, Sales & Operations Manager, Jewels at Hale Koa


Pain limits the body from communicating leadership.

Here’s a quick, painful anecdote: Field Marshal William J. Slim is known by many as one of the most persevering, triumphant, and bold leaders of this century. Allegedly, during a major WWII military campaign, he was forced to withdraw his troops due to severe pain from a leech that imbedded itself in his family jewels. While not written in the history books (although it should), enough of his troops saw Field Marshal Slim in agony to perpetuate this story.

Pain limits even the best of us from achieving, innovating, and leading. It occupies our consciousness more than any goal we wish to accomplish. It interferes with clarity of thought, erodes the projection of leadership, and inhibits powerful visual and verbal communication. It steals the very quality of life, not to mention, it physically hurts.

We’re usually just one step away from being out of pain, but finding that single step can be a long, frustrating journey. I coach leaders, visionaries, innovators, and remarkable people to connect back to their body and re-evolutionize themselves towards achievement.

Take a lesson from Field Marshal William J. Slim. Don’t let a small obstruction get in the way of big business, and more importantly, your life.


After several years of seeking ways to work with a serious back injury, I have been able to move forward in my life in a profoundly different manner after working with Dr. Michael. I have incorporated his training and take his careful instruction with me wherever I go. I project this confidence in my business and personal life, and am able to communicate this to others without saying a word.
- Patricia Clarke, Photographer/Founder, Patricia Clarke Consulting

When I came to Michael, I was a physical wreck: lower back pain, nerve damage, and muscle loss in one leg. Michael taught me how to strengthen my core and he re-trained me to walk properly for my body type. He developed a regimen of exercises specific to my needs. And in the process, he challenged me to connect with myself on all levels, physically and mentally. I am now hiking again in the foothills. I am pain free and “back in the saddle” professionally. I am stronger, feel much younger, my confidence is back, my relationships at home and work are stronger. My effectiveness as a manager has improved and I look to the future knowing that I can and will make a difference in our community.
- Don Olson, City Special Projects Manager, City of Santa Barbara

Michael has taught me several ways to improve my body and how communication begins with body language. Three years later I stand, walk, sit, golf, and interact with others in a better way. I have become nimble in ways I appreciate every day. I am confident that this will be a huge boon to my life in the long term.
- Bruce Caron, Founder, The New Media Studio

I came to Michael because I needed help with neck pain and wanted to lose some weight. By my second session, I started standing without pain and feeling alive again. In terms of work, the minute I began to stand in good posture, I felt stronger and my clients treated me with a more positive attitude. Working with Michael has turned my life around and given me the confidence I need. I now look better, feel younger, much sexier, and my energy level is contagious. The best part is that I have tools I can use the rest of my life, and I know my life is going to be completely different because of it.
- Nancy Hamilton, Realtor, Sotheby’s International Realty